How fees work

Exchange fees

The exchange charges fees only for orders or partial orders that are immediately filled. The charged fee is calculated on the immediately filled amount only. No fees will be charged for orders that are not immediately filled.

Action Fee
Place an order free
Cancel an order or partial order free
Order or partial order immediately filled - buy or sell ETH 0.82 EDO for each ETH
Order or partial order immediately filled - buy or sell USDT 0.0036 EDO for each USDT
Order or partial order not immediately filled free
Trading fees are charged in EDO tokens.

The max fee value shown in the order creation form is the upper bound of the fee you’ll pay if your order is immediately filled.

Costs related to your trading wallet

In order to trade on the Exchange you need to create a smart wallet (named Trading Wallet). The Exchange is allowed to perform operations on the Trading Wallet every time an order is filled.

That's the reason why we call it Eidoo Hybrid Exchange.

All the transactions between your Personal and Trading Wallet are transactions on the Ethereum blockchain therefore subjected to blockchain fees.

Blockchain fees are paid to miners using your Personal Wallet funds and Eidoo does not profit from them.

Action Fee
Create the trading wallet Ethereum blockchain fee
Deposit from personal to trading wallet Ethereum blockchain fee
Withdraw from trading to personal wallet Ethereum blockchain fee

To create the trading wallet, you must perform a one-time 0 ETH transaction, therefore the creation cost will be relative only to the blockchain fee.